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SK at Raggedy Point

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Selected Works

Short Story Collection
The characters, while hard-boiled, are sometimes soft in the noggin and not particularly "wise" guys. They are moderately successful at crime and tend toward the entertainingly twisted. There is some, er, necessary murder and mayhem, but these fellas and their women (dolls, grandmothers, etc.) go about life and death in a manner that will lead you to enjoy their dramas.
Historical Fiction
In a California Gold Rush town, five people determine who will get hanged and for what reason, while an 18-year-old boy journeys to Hangtown leaving a trail of bodies.
Contemporary Fiction
The three wives of Max must live together for a year to share in his estate
Murder Mystery, with some laughs
Small-town cop Aza Kvetchmore and his beloved find the Camelot Town Council guilty of murder.
Political Satire
Rrrandy Wurst, autodidact hog, takes on the Neocon pseudo-pigs of the Corporatocracy
Thriller Fiction
Zack Jacobsen, having fulfiiled his final murder contract in Portugal, wants to get home to live out his days selling Infiniti's, but someone conspires against him.

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